Screens are not displaying changes made on the software

Slides that I have deleted are still displaying on our screens. How can I reset the system or get ride of this issue? We do not want outdated in formation displaying on our screens.

What CMS and player versions are you using please?

What durations do you have on your layout(s)?

What’s your collection interval set to?

Do you have ‘Expire Modified Layouts?’ option enabled? (in display profile).

Sorry, but I will need at least some basic details about your system, hence couple of questions above.

Hello Peter,

As I am new in the position, I am unsure of all of the specific details.

Upon first look, I have Spring Sinage and have 10 seconds set as the duration.

Are we able to have a phone call and walk though the rest of the details?

Thank you!

Version - it should say on the login page of the CMS, alternatively, left bottom corner ‘About’ button.

General idea, when you change/update/delete content from layout that is currently being displayed by the player, it will most likely show the default layout* while it’s downloading your changes and then go back to the scheduled layout.

  • If you’re making changes to the default, then it will show splash screen instead.

Could you perhaps open your player, press ‘i’ to show the status window and send us a screenshot of that? (I assume you’re using windows client here).