Screen with menu/pricelist that is easy to edit

We got one screen where the client is showing a menu/pricelist. They are selling fresh fish and need to alter the items on the menu several times a day. I tried to simply use a background image with a text overlay, so that they could log in to Xibo and just change the text to change the menu/pricelist.

But my problem is that the built in WYSISYG editor in Xibo is not easy enough for them to work with.
They constantly scew up the font color, size, and the table I created to have the items and prices in rows and columns.

So I`m now looking for a better way of doing this, that will still make it easy for the client to make updates. But with less chace of messing up the layout/design.

You will want to use DataSets -

Then Ticker / dataSet view on the layout to get the data from it.

Once you will have the ticker set on the layout - side note for that, tickers have their own update interval which you can adjust.

They will only need to edit the dataSet and not touch the layout itself at all.

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