Screen time out

Have multiple systems and at a few locations the internet is not the best. Ok, yea it could be alot better. Have to go over there and reset the device just to get to connect to the router again. I know it is the locations wifi router ( OLD - “G” Network )… the system after a couple days of not connecting goes black screen ( Default layout ).

How possible to change the file timeout to like weeks or a month ? So it should try and connect every 5 min to server - but if it doesn’t for a few days it still plays the content, and doesnt go black screen…

Thank you !


Please have a look at “Rules for keeping or deleting a file section” of this article.
You can increase this setting, so then even if your device would lost connection at some point, it should still ‘know’ what to display.

thank you.

currently set to " 172800 ".

which 172800 / 60 ( sec ) / 60 ( hr ) = 48 HRS