Screen Size 1.7.4

Good Afternoon,

I have a problem that the screen size is not being changed. But the embed site changes.

I upgrade the 1.7.3 to 1.7.4.

I’m using the Xibo inside the bin inside the source code.


I am not sure what you mean, sorry!

The latest 1.7.4 has an option on embedded content to “scale” or not - perhaps you could try adjusting that?

Yes, the problem its only when i run the Xibo from the source code inside the bin folder.

When i download the setup and install, works.

How can i run from the source code?

Sorry, but I can’t really help you if you have changed the source code… if you point me to your GitHub fork with your code changes I would be happy to take a brief look.

I just download the Source Code and run from the bin folder the XiboClient.txt

I really don’t know what to suggest - sorry…

The installer doesn’t do anything special other than copy the EXE into a folder - it certainly doesn’t change the way the application shows embedded content.