Screen Saver cannot update content


I tried to find some solution how to run xibo player as screen saver without xibo application getting run ,
and screen saver can still update the content even without running the watchdog

As i read on this community, if i want to play screen saver,
i need to disable xibo apllication.exe and get rid the watchdog to disable xibo application get restarting after close it.
but if i disable watchdog, it’s make xibo player as screen saver unable to update the content.

anyone can help ?

Thank you

Screensaver has separate configuration, so it can be configured as a new player as far as CMS is concerned.

Watchdog has nothing to do with player updating from the CMS, it is just there to restart the application if it detects that player is inactive.

That being said I’m not sure why would you need to disable player or watchdog to use screensaver.

Hi Peter

Thank you for your response.
As you said that Screensaver has separate configuration,
And the result, i manage to update the screensaver after register the screen saver as new player same as with you told me.

Thank you again

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