Screen orientation changes on multiple devices

Hello all,

We are using multiple Intel Compute Sticks (STK1AW32SC) and some MeLE PCG02’s for our digital signage network.

Lately we receive an alarming amount of tickets of customers complaining about their screen orientation being changed. Neither the customer nor ourselves has changed anything about either of the devices.

Plenty of our devices (all running Windows 10) are used in Portrait mode. An example of what went wrong is shown in the attached image.

The white field is Xibo. The grey field is our desktop wallpaper.

No updates have been installed on either one of the devices between the time everything worked flawlessly and the time the errors started to occur.

How can Windows change from portrait to landscape all of the sudden? At first this only seemed to happen on the Intel Compute Sticks. Today we also received an ticket from someone using the PCG02.

Worth checking the Windows Update log? Perhaps it installed a driver update, or Windows update that reset the orientation?

Xibo itself has no mechanism to change the display orientation in Windows. It only sizes itself per the settings you push from the CMS if they are defined, or runs fullscreen otherwise.

We have completely disabled all Windows Updates and the problem also occurs on offline devices. So I feel save to assume that the problem can not occur due to Windows Update.

I am not saying that Xibo causes the problem; I am just wondering whether or not someone has had the same issue and found a solution to it.

I was under the impression it wasn’t possible to completely disable updates on Windows 10. My mistake in that case.

We have disabled the Windows Update-service. The update log does not show any items since the updates we did when the clients were configured.