.scr looking for files in default folder

Looks like the screensaver player is not using the same configuration as the executable.

Is there a way to update the configuration for the .scr to use data from the same folder as the .exe?

It specifically doesn’t use the same config as the standard player.

The standard player configuration is per user. Consider a corporate environment where you want Xibo running as a screensaver for all users. It makes no sense to have to configure Xibo in every users profile to have the screensaver work. That’s why it uses a central configuration where the installed player uses per user configuration.

You can just copy the configuration file over to configure the screensaver with the same settings as your user account.

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can you clarify how this is done?

So when you install Xibo screensaver there will be Xibo.config.xml file created in

You can copy the content of your client config - it is in the same folder, file XiboClient.config.xml
and paste it into your screensaver config file ie Xibo.config.xml

Then it will display the same thing as your client.

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