Schedulling hangs when clicking Save

We are using CMS 3.0.3 with Xampp 3.3 and php 7.2 on Windows 10. XMR is running without issues and everything seems to be ok.

All was fine installing the CMS and everything was running smoothly until we had the first player. Whenever we try to schedulle something to it or try to send a command to it, when we click the Save button, it gets stuck there spining the wheel and never going anywhere.

If I do a refresh to the page, the schedule appears in the calendar and when i try to erase it it says it does not exists.

Can you please help solving the issue?

After a lot of searching and a lot of testing, we’ve found out that the main issue with the XAMPP installation was on Apache. The solution was to enable mod_expires e mod_headers and everything worked as a charm.

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