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My organization (hospital) is evaluating Xibo. We’re setting up a pilot for 1 or 2 departments. We have chosen to have layouts (in a campaign) to be scheduled organisation wide. Next we have layouts (again in a campaign) specific for certain locations. And lastly we have a campaign for a particular department.

The display groups are set into a hierarchy (organization -> location -> department), so a department display shows layouts from scheduled campaigns on each display group. So far so good.

Now we have a layout (with an iframe widget) showing the wait time on a certain department. This layout should be shown every (let say) 3 minutes, or after every 5th layout (from the scheduled campaigns). How to schedule this?

Any tip is appreciated!

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Hi sp_etz,

An Interrupt Layout Event would be suitable for this. You can find some information about it here.
The Share of Voice that you would need to set for it depends on the length. If, for example, the length was 20 seconds, and you want it to appear every three minutes, then an SoV of 10% would be about right.

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