Scheduling problem

Hi all,

I have a problem with scheduling. When I want to schedule a program for a Display, i validate the schedule and after that the status of the display change to: “Display is out of date but has not yet checked in with the server” and it changes to “Display is up to date” only if I close the client application and I open it again. If I don’t do this, the scheduling program it doesn’t work, or if I want to do a “Schedule Now” it doesn’t work any time.

Does someone know if it can be resolved? Thank you!

The default “collection interval” is 15 minutes, so you will need to wait at most 15 minutes + the time it takes to download the content.

If you want this to happen faster you can adjust it in the Display Settings page, on the Windows Display Profile. The lowest you can set it is 1 minute, the lower the setting the more bandwidth Xibo will use.

Thank you! I tried and it works now. But this commands should not happen instantly(or some miliseconds)?

You will find that most systems have a “polling” mechanism for the players to receive new commands.

In 1.8 we have developed push messaging which will make these things happen more quickly

I understand. Congratulations!

But if I use Xibo in a LAN that is not connected to Internet and I have the server where is CMS and some clients, can I set that “collection interval” to 1s? I think that should work.

I wouldn’t advise that - there is a lot that happens in the collection interval and you will DOS your server. The minimum recommended is 60 seconds.

Ok, I’ll test this. Thanks!