Scheduling media to different layouts


I have been trying to find a way to do this for a while, but still no luck…

So, we have two locations (more upcoming) where the layouts are (basically) the same, except maybe 2-3 different media. Is it possible to have a .jpg assigned to both Layout A and B at the same time? Or do we have to individually assign it to each? I can imagine when we get 5-6 locations more that this becomes time consuming job…

Any suggestions?

So you want to have separate layouts for each display you have? (similar layouts, but with few differences)

I guess you’d want to create a template with all/most widgets, create new layouts using that template and then just add ‘2-3’ media files that will be display specific.

That would work if we did not add any new content regulary, however we add/change content every day.
For example: we have a budget/monthly earnings JPG that we change out every day to include the present day. The problem arises when we have multiple screens on multiple sites and we want everyone to have this new media. They do not however have the same layout because they obviously have some small differences in content.

Ill try and illustrate this a bit more:

Display 1: Display 2:
Media A Media A
Media B Media B
Media C Media E
Media D Media F

So let’s say I need to update Media B regulary but still have different media on each layout. Is this possible at all?

Yeah, you’d want to just replace the Media B (.jpg) with new media in library.

So, in CMS Library-> media page, edit the media files you wish to replace and tick those checkboxes

that will essentially replace the ‘old’ Media B with new Media B on your layouts.

Great! Exactly what I needed :smile:

What about if we got a new “Media G” that needs to be put on all layouts? Is there a function to place it on all or do we have to put it on each layout?

If it’s completely new media (and not replacing some other media that’s already on all layouts) then yeah you’d need to add it to each layout.

OK. Do you know if this is a feature request already? If not, I will make a new one.

I don’t think there is one.

It will not be that easy to implement, but feel free to create detailed feature request in features category and we will see.

Since the original issues/questions in this topic are solved, I’ll close it.