Scheduling layout in Campaign

It would be nice if layouts in campaigns could be scheduled by dates, and could expire.
This way, expired layouts in campaigns would keep place in campaigns (order of appearance), but would not be displayed (because of their content not being up to date).
So when the content of expired layout in campaign is updated and scheduled again, it would be displayed again in the same order. This is especially neat for layouts that are repeating in campaigns (you don’t have to add and remove them in exact order over and over again).

It seems to me that this is not to hard to implement in some of next CMS versions?
What do you think?

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My reservations are that we end up with scheduling capabilities in 3 places, which is hard to support, explain and maintain.

Its interesting you mentioned content - 1.8 will have playlists which have the potential for automatic media expiry. If we added some logic that said empty layouts (due to expiry of items in the playlist) were not sent, that would also achieve the same result?

Unfortunately no. But I would have to write enormously long post to describe why I need this option for the repeating and expiring layouts, and it would take a lot of your time to read it :slight_smile: