Scheduling issue

Hi ,

I need some help in scheduling option.
The scenario is ,
i want to schedule a playlist from date 28thfeb to 28th march.

Then i want , a layout to be played after every 10 mins every day in that time period(28th feb to 28th march) .

How to do that ?
i tried recurring and priority option but its not happening,

The problem i am getting is 10min layout is repeating again and again.

Please help.

My apologies but I was a little unsure about the Schedule you are trying to set up. Just to be sure I understand:

  • You have 2 items you would like to display: a Playlist (we’ll call it Playlist 1) and a Layout (we’ll call this Layout 1).
  • Playlist 1 will play from 28/2 until 28/3, Always.
  • Layout 1 will play from 28/2 until 28/3, every 10 minutes, interrupting Playlist 1. Once Layout 1 has finished playing, it will return to Playlist 1 until the next 10 minute interval.

Is that correct?

If this is correct, please note that this is what will happen:

  • Playlist 1 will display for 10 minutes.
  • Layout 1 will then start, which will stop Playlist 1 from showing.
  • After Layout 1 has finished showing for the period of time you have set, Playlist 1 will start showing again from the beginning of the Playlist.
  • This pattern will repeat until the 28/3/19.

Can you also confirm:

  • How long is Playlist 1?
  • How long is Layout 1?

Once I have the answers to the above question I will provide an example of the Schedule for you.

Many Thanks.

Hi ,

Yes, you are correct.

playlist 1 is about 6mins

and layout 1 is 1 min.

so from 28/2 To 28/3, i want playlist 1 to run always,
and layout 1 to run after every 10 or 15 0r 20 whatever the time i want.

Thank you

Thank you for confirming I have understood the Schedule you would like to create. I would recommend the following:

For Playlist 1:


For Layout 1:


The above Events will create the Schedule you are looking for. Playlist 1 will begin at midnight on 28/2 and end at midnight 29/3, playing always between those dates. Layout 1 will begin at 00:10, play for 1 minute, then repeat that every 10 minutes until midnight 29/3.

Many Thanks.

Thank You very much :slight_smile:

Its working now . Thanks !

Brilliant news! Glad the Schedule is now as you would like it.

Many Thanks.

Hi sir,

Hope you are doing good , i need your help again in scheduling,

so on all of my displays default layout is playing and i want to schedule a layout
from time 6pm tp 9am , i want to this layout to be played at this time slot and again from 9am my default layout will start playing … i want this scenario to be played for 3 months everyday .

what to do , i just did but the default layout is not coming after 9 am

Thank you for your message, below is a screenshot of the Schedule I would recommend if you want to show a layout from 6pm to 9am, every day, for 3 months:

Many Thanks