Scheduling event adds multiple

just noticed, when adding an event, when you click next … it saves it, then if you hit next it adds another copy, and if you hit save, then another event is added, so in total you have 3 events added for the same “event”.

should you just hit “save” and not use the next button-- i’m assuming next brings you to the next step/page… There should be no “Next” button, it it serves no use.

is this by design?

Yes it is.

Save(event)- save current event and close the form
Next(event) - save current event, reopen the form so you can add next event.

So basically if you want to schedule 1 event hit save
If you want to schedule multiple events hit next till you are done (on the last one click save to close the form after last event is scheduled)

If I have three events and I want to show one event per minute, do I need to fill in the form on the Repeats tab every time or only on the last event?

When I fill in the form on the Repeats tab every time, all three events get scheduled in one minute. This doesn’t seem right. :hushed: