Scheduling Dislay Order What does it mean?

Hi There,

The display order under scheduling, how does it work? What does lower and higher number means? Say I have 5 layouts scheduled in one Display, will I be able to set which event should be displayed first using the Display Order?

The documentation is kind of vague and assuming that users understand XIBO internal working.


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So we intend you to use a Campaign if the playback order of layouts is important to you. That way you can order layouts using a sensible UI.

If for some reason you can’t use a campaign, then you can use the Display Order to influence the playback order. It’s a simple numerical sort. So lowest numbers to highest numbers.

So layouts marked 1 will be played before layouts marked 2 etc.

You are very welcome to contribute changes to the manual if you feel it’s lacking. The manual is stored in the Github repo. Please feel free to fork it and submit a pull request with your amendments.

Hi alex,

What if we dont give any display order and schedule multiple layouts?

Then it will use the order you scheduled them in as the order

How about the difference between Display Order and Priority when adding event?

Because I think the start time and end time have already the defined their display order by time. And Priority defined which one to be displayed at the same timeslot.