Scheduling and holidays

Probably newbie question but I’m going to ask anyway. I have read the online help and look around the forums and can’t find the answers.

First: I have one set of signs that I need to run all day from 8:00 am to 5:00, Monday through Friday only. Do I need to create a schedule for this or just turn the monitor on and off.

Second: When holidays roll around I want to be able to run a reminder letting people know that we will be closed. Would I be better to create another set of signs with the closure info in them and set a schedule for those to run say 2 weeks and then flip back to “our regular programming” or just keep the main set of signs and put the closure in as needed.


You’ll want to add a scheduled event like this:
Start time Monday 8 am
End time Monday 5pm
Repeat daily
every 1
until Friday 5pm
So then Mon-Fri 8am-5pm it will display your layout (or layouts if schedule a campaign) if there is nothing scheduled player will display the default layout. Of course you can also set it to start Monday, end Friday and repeat weekly, but then you would need to turn of the screens (or let them run for the whole days :smile: )

For the time it will be closed, I think it would be better to schedule a different layout with this information, you could set it to start Monday, end Sunday(?) and repeat weekly, every 1, until the date that it would be open again.
Or if not like that, then similar to my first event Mon-Fri, that would depend if you want it to be shown all the time or only in specific time.