Schedules using dayparting - will not work upon network disconnection

I have several Android players behind Cellular Routers, connected to LED billboards.
the default layout is set to black image (default duration)

the layouts with the content is set to schedule with dayparting to play only during specific time of day.

recently, after upgrading android Players to 207 (from 108), and CMS from 1.8.9 to 1.8.13
when Player looses network connection, the schedule will not work anymore so it seems.

the default “Black” layout remains on screen until network connection resumes.

cms is set to send in advance files 90 days.

i have set all players for auditing, and will post logs on next event.

however any idea what can cause such behavior ?

Thank you for your message and for the details about your issue. Can you confirm the following:

  • What media types you are using in your layouts?
  • Can you provide screenshots of the status page from one of the players that is not showing the content when there is no internet connection? Please note that you should make sure to obscure your CMS URL if you decide to post the screenshot on this forum. You can also send me the screenshot in a private message if your prefer.
  • If you revert one of the players to R108, does the issue persist or the player begins to display your content as expected?

Many Thanks.

Thanks Dan,
Content is usually Jpg, Wmv and Mp4 (h264)
i have setup a reproduction system in my office, so when disconnecting network i will have access using keyboard and mouse for the repro - i will post it here.

The issue persist also in 108 and 110

Thank you for confirming the media types being used in your layout. I have tried to replicate this issue without success so far.

Could you confirm if the time and date settings on your device are correct when the player is not showing your scheduled layouts?

Many Thanks.

i have checked it already, and layouts contains Text fields with clock and date for confirmation

the original Day part this issue appears on has default:
6:30 -22:00
Friday: 6:30-15:00
Saturday: 18:00 - 22:00

I have also created a new short daypart in my office, so far no success.

Perhaps the player for some reason loses License during the offline period ?
as a player without license will not change layouts ? or just wont download them anymore ?

I was able to reproduce using the above mentioned Dayparting .

The schedule layout using the dayparting schedule was supposed to start at 6:30AM
Player clock is ok, “next Schedule update: 08:35” (profile is set every 5min)"
network was disconnected yesterday…

when network was connected, scheduled layout was removed at 22:00 as planned,
however the next day at 6:30 it kick in again.

i assume that as soon as i connect it back to network, schedule will resume normally.

@DanBW, Any ideas?
I have also tried to avoid using Dayparting.
using the content layout as default layout, and using the scheduled “BLACK” image as normal (multiple ) schedules.

when players are disconnected before 23:59, the next day the schedules will not work anymore until players are connected again to network (and cms) again.

any idea?

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