Scheduled Layouts not working


Scheduling** in Xibo for Android is accurate to a 10 second time window. A Layout must meet the following criteria before it will be added to a Schedule:

  1. It must be completely downloaded
  2. All dependent resources must be downloaded
  3. None of the dependent resources are in the blacklist
  4. It is in its Scheduled window (from date/time and to date/time)
  5. If there are any other Priority Layouts, it must be the same or higher Priority
  6. The Layout can be parsed and doesn’t contain any invalid items, such as empty Regions
  7. If none of the above is true, the Default Layout is tested against criteria 1 to 3.
  8. If the Default Layout cannot be played the splash screen is shown.

Checking the schedule

The Xibo for Android Status Screen provides 4 “Schedule Status” indicators which contain lists of Layout ID’s (as seen in the CMS). These 4 lists are:

  1. All Layouts - All Layouts the client has been informed of, including the Default Layout. Items with a * are not Scheduled.
  2. Scheduled Layouts - Layouts from “All Layouts” that meet criteria between 1 and 5
  3. Valid Layouts - Layouts in “Scheduled Layouts” that pass test 6.
  4. Invalid Layouts - Layouts in “Scheduled Layouts” that fail test 6.

Failing Test 6

Test 6 can be failed in 2 ways - Minor or Major.

  1. Minor fail - the Layout is removed from the Schedule until the next time the client checks its Schedule with the server.
  2. Major fail - some media on the Layout will be blacklisted and will remain blacklisted until the client is restarted.

Long running Layouts

The most common cause for a Layout Schedule to be “missed” is that the current running Layout is still in the Schedule and contains a long-running Media item (items with a high duration). This Layout will need to finish before the new Layout starts.

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