Scheduled Layout repeated is not deleted on the player


I think I found an issue with scheduled event that has a repetition.

When I create a scheduled layout once per hour for my android player, it works just fine.
But when I try to delete it, my CMS doesn’t show the event anymore but my player still keep this event in cache (in the settings, I can see that the layout is planned)

I manage to delete it by removing the cache and/or forcing the collection of data (i’m not sure yet).

We have a lot of players (rooted android players), so if by mistakes our layout that contain the reset command is not working, than we need to remove the cache of every player one by one which is tedious.

Are we doing something wrong ? Can we remove the cache with a command on android player ? (I only know the reboot command, so if you have a list of commands for android that would be great).

Thanks for your work,


Which version of the CMS are you running?

1.8.5, do I need to update to check if this is still an issue ?

I believe that should have been fixed in 1.8.4 actually.

When you delete the schedule, if you go to the Displays page, what is the icon in the Status column for your display?

My guess is you don’t have XMR configured correctly and so the CMS is removing the schedule, but the Player isn’t being notified that it should collect. It will pickup that change next time it collects from the CMS on its background collection schedule as a fail-safe in any case.

XMR is working fine since I can ask for a screenshot.
The icon is a check.

I will test it more and if this is a real issue I will let you know, maybe we made some mistakes in our tests

You’ll still get a screenshot without XMR, but it will take longer. The check for XMR column just indicates that the Player sent an encryption key for XMR at some point in the past. It doesn’t guarantee it’s working now.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the wonderful Xibo. Been using using it for more than 4 years and managing close to 70 screens with Android player (MINIX).

Im also facing similar issue. Scheduled a layout in multiple screens. Decided to remove some screens from schedule. Edited the schedule and unchecked the screens and saved. But the layout continues playing on those screens. When I go manage screen window, the layout is not listed in playing layouts list.

Server version: 2.0.1
Player Versions: 1.8 and 2.0