Scheduled layout invalid dependent error version 1.7.9

Layout plays when set as default. If scheduled, layout gives an error ‘invalid dependent:1138’. I see the schedule xml file on client missing the last media extension ? Just upgraded from 1.7.6 to 1.7.9. Thanks…

Do you by any chance have quite a lot of dependents on this layout?
If so it could be this bug -

in 1.7 series, you’d need to split this layout into 2 layouts, so each one of them has less dependents.

Since 1.7.9 windows client actually checks all dependents, previous version haven’t - that’s why this layout was displayed in 1.7.6, although it’s not quite correct behaviour as it may lead to other issues.

In 1.8 series that will not be a problem anymore.

thank you, it is the same issue. I can split the layouts.