Scheduled a New Layout but now it just switches between old and new

I have just set up a Xibo server and am learning how to use it. I have figured out how to set up layouts. The only issue that I am having now is that I scheduled a layout to replace the default and then I scheduled a new layout to replace that one. And now the display just switches between the first and new layout. It stays on the first layout for 30 seconds and then switches to the second layout for 6 seconds, then goes back to the first one.
How do I schedule a new layout and get it to stop displaying the previous one?

It switches between the two layouts you scheduled? Not between scheduled and the default layout?

At a guess you perhaps have both layouts scheduled?

If you look at the Schedule page in your CMS, how many events scheduled to your player are there?

Could you also tell us which CMS and player versions are you using?