Schedule with daypart does not work 1.8.1

What do I have?

  • One Display with Standard-Layout “Clock Module” -->> Display works and Shows the layout
  • a dayparting “am Tag” from 07:00 to 19:00

Now I define an Event that should Show a “weather layout” today at “am Tag”-time

Display Shows always the clock layout !!

when I define the Event wirh custom time, it works.

what is wrong?

If you look at the agenda view, adjust it to today and slide the timer to your current time. Does it show your Layout as being active at that time?

If it does, then it is most likely something wrong with the layout preventing it from being show - what is the Layout status?

agenda at wanted time says
No events for the chosen Display/Display Group on the selected date!

all my layouts work since month and 1.7.9, 1.8rc1,2,3 1.8.1, they are simple, clock. weather, single website

as I wrote, it works with custom time.I could also watch some issue with the agenda slider mismatch 1 hour, but CMS and player have the correct time and CMS timezone is GMT+2 Vienna.

Now I deleted the daypart and the schedule and my player shows NOT the default layout but the layout scheduled by test before, even after player restart…


I am not sure then - i’ve tested again (several times) and cannot find any issues with Dayparting on any of our test systems.

For the player, there is no difference between a custom and a daypart event, they are sent to the player as start/end date times, not as their event types.

If you do decide to try dayparts again, can you get it setup and then enable auditing on your display (Display -> Edit -> Advanced). When the player connects this will create an entry in the log for page “Schedule”. You could paste those here so we can see exactly what is being sent to the player.

how to? cannot find this entry (german version !) pleas give me a screenshot

Auditing Until in the below screenshot

The German translation really doesn’t say that?

englisch: Auditing until
german: : Überprüfen bis

when you translate “Audit” you get “Prüfung”, when you translate “Prüfung” you get “exam”

“Audit” is not “Prüfung”, but rather something like watching and checking…

ok, now I can test and log :slight_smile:

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OK great - if you think you can improve the translation, then please feel free to make a new suggestion in our translation tool:


I will test tomorrow…

btw: “auditing until” date/time cannot be deleted !! when empty These fields there is an error message at the end of the Dialog window. the only way to delete is to insert a date in the past

I am testing…

  • 1.8.1, Player “XIBO-01-PC” on Windows 7
  • Standard Layout is “Default Layout” (Welcome to Xibo…) Duration 10 sec
  • CMS timezone is GMT+2 Europe, Vienna
  • CMS Time = Player-Time

Player Shows Standard Layout

Now I open a layout “Clock Module black White” with a Duration of 10 sec and choose “jetzt einplanen” (that is “Scheduling”) for a Duration of 1 hour playing on XIBO-01-PC.
Message: Your event will be scheduled from 29.04.2017 12:50 to 29.04.2017 13:50 in the CMS timezone, please check this covers each of your Displays in their respective timezones
…saving this schedule

Calender Shows the Event

  1. Player Shows the scheduled Layout for its Duration and falls back to Standard layout for its Duration (is alternating both layouts)
  2. Agenda Shows the Event with slider on 13:55, although the Event is planned at 12:50 and the Player Shows it

Before I test my issues with dayparts, we should solve the Problems 1. and 2.

for 1. I would think that when the layout “Clock module black White” is planned für 1 hour it will be shown during 1 hour without changing

for 2. there is some mistake with the timezones. the PCs timzone is UTC+1:00 …Wien, but we have Summer-Time, that means + 1. Now UTC is 11:05 and Vienna is 13:05. CMS and Player note 12:50, but Agenda means 13:50
Standard-Differenz UTC: +1:00 Stunde
Aktuelle Differenz UTC: +2:00 Stunden
therefore the CMS and the Players timezone is correct on UTC+1, System-time is correct with UTC+2. The CMS Settings say GMT+2 Vienna, I think, that is not correct.

Similar problem here. Also 1.8.1 with timezone Europe/Amsterdam (+2) but english gui.
Android display V 1.8 (101).
The whole download process seems to stop when using dayparts. Even directly scheduled layouts that should appear after the ones with dayparts do not download.
Directly scheduled layouts earlier then the ones with daypart do download.
The only log errors that appear are XMR related. I don’t have xmr installed (shared hosting).


I think, you should have the same Problem with the timezone. Amsterdam is UTC+1 and +1 for Summertime. That does NOT mean UTC+2 or GMT+2 like shown in the Settings.
Your Agenda für scheduled Events will differ 1 hour to the schedule itself.

There is definitly a Problem with dayparts but first we should look for some solution with timezones.

Well, so far I couldn’t see a problem with layouts that actually were downloaded. I’ve just mentioned the timezone in my post to provide a most complete picture of my configuration.
I’ll do some more test. Maybe that helps to find the bug.

Tanks for the fast reply anyway

For 1. Are you sure you don’t have the option to interleave default set in the Display record for that display. That will cause the default layout to be permanently scheduled along with your other content

Hi Alex,

for 1; thats it ! I changed this Setting to “no” and the scheduled layout is shown permanently.

Now I know what this Setting is doing, although I cannot see the sense of it. When I want to Show a layout for a specific time, why should I want to see the Default layout too ? Anyway, somebody is happy to have this posibility…

It has many potential usecases. Consider for example a scenario where you have a single layout you show all day every day. If you were to create a short layout, with the company logo - as we suggest, and assign that as default, then interleave it, it would go some way to preventing the screen you’re showing that content on burning in, since periodically the simple logo layout is shown.

That setting defaults to No, so you would have had to specifically turn it on. I’d suggest not turning things on that default off unless you either know what they do or have reason to switch them, as some can have significant impact on the running of your CMS and Players.

of course you are right. That is my “test-xibo”, maybe I changed the Setting. I took a control to my other production Systems and see: all Settings are “no”.

Here we have another poor german Translation. in english it is “Interleave Default” and “Wether to always put the Default layout into the cycle”. In german it is “Standard Layout immer mit anzeigen” and “Ob das Standard-Layout immer wieder gespielt wird”.

my interpretion of this text was completly wrong…

I’m afraid I don’t speak German, so I can’t comment on the translation.

If it can be improved, then anyone is free to contribute translations to the project:

Keep in mind however the amount of available space for the translated text to occupy needs to be roughly equivalent.

I have logged an issue for the dayparting as I am able to reproduce that.