Schedule timings

I have still yet to test so I just want to put my fears to rest.

I have created a sign for a trade fair, I’ve had to create multiple version of the same thing as information gets dropped off or added over various times of day.

Am i right in thinking if I setup a schedule for a screen the layouts will activate on the time i specified? Only reason I’m asking is that the 2pm slot has some sensitive info that can’t go out before 2pm. A little later i.e a few minutes is fine.

I’m not using zeromq atm, still trying to talk my webhost into installing it.


Normal scheduling will work without XMR, player will connect to the CMS each collection interval to download any new content/ schedule information.

If you schedule a specific layout to run from 2pm, then it should run just as specified.

If there are other events scheduled that for example run the whole time, then you might want to schedule your specific event with higher priority.

If there are no other events scheduled and display is just showing the default layout, then on the specified time it should start displaying your specific layout.

To avoid delays, please make sure that you do not have some really long durations on your layout.