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I am trying to figure out how Xibo for Android and Xibo for Android White Label will behave when scheduled for a signage and there is no internet connection.

- When the app starts there is internet connection and media is downloaded.
- The campaign is scheduled only for 1 day and at the end of this day, internet connection is still not available
- Will I still see the same signage or will it be a black display after the schedule is over? (I ask this because there is a default layout assigned to the display and I am not able to have a clear idea about the behaviour, am I missing something?). What if I don’t want to have any default layout?

Does the app download schedule information also?


Edit: I got the answer. I created a new layout and scheduled it for about an hour. The schedule is also stored in the device with the media. Once the media is downloaded, broadcast of that campaign will continue till the scheduled time/day/date irrespective of internet connection. After that, a default campaign will start.

Why didn’t I think of creating a new layout and testing it out!? :confused:

Glad you found your answer. Schedule and media are cached for 2 days by default in the future, so it would continue to play the schedule setup for it for 2 days (assuming it had all the media) then would revert to the default layout. If the default layout were invalid (if media was missing for example) then it would show the splash screen.

Xibo for Android and the white labelled versions are identical in the way they behave. Only the branding differs.

Hey Alex,

This was something unknown to me. Thanks for sharing.

Hey Alex,

I have 2 more questions about the CMS and mobile app.

  1. CMS
    • Our client has a requirement where she wants to display image 1 from 9am to 12pm, image 2 from 12 pm to 7pm and image 3 from 7pm to 11pm. This is a daily event / campaign.
    • Is it possible to add / create such events? I could only add a repeat event which run for full day (I am new to Xibo and signage systems. So, please pardon me if I missed out something that answers my questions).
  2. Mobile App
    • In your previous reply you mentioned that the schedule is cached for 2 days. Is there a way that I can have this schedule for an unlimited time or at least for 2 months?
    • I understand that the app has to connect to the CMS every 15 days. But can this also be tweaked to unlimited time or at least 2 months? Provided that the app has been activated with a license and has downloaded all the media content along with the schedule.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


That would be 3 repeating schedules of 3 layouts - you’d just pick the date and time when you scheduled the events.

You can adjust the “required files and schedule look ahead” to extend out further than 2 days of schedule. These can be found in the CMS Settings.

In reality if you had it set to 2 days, downloaded all the content and then disconnected the network on the device, it would carry on playing “off-line” indefinitely - but after it ran out of scheduled events it would switch back to the default layout.

Likewise with the Android licence - although it validates every 15 days and expires after 30 days, the only effect of a non-licence on a previously licensed device is that it will stop communicating with the CMS. Not a problem if the network is disconnected anyway :smiley:

I think that if you put your schedule lookahead forwards to 30/60 days and made sure your schedule was populated that far ahead - you’d be fine to connect the device to the network once every couple of months.

Thanks a lot Dan! This gives us more clarity about how we can put it into effective usage.

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