Schedule Now should include an option for "Always"

The Dayparting option is missing from the screen layouts.

When I’m in the “Layouts” screen and try to schedule a layout there,
The popup window displayed does not have the option “Dayparting”

This forces me to access the Schedules screen to use the “Dayparting” feature.

Schedule now isn’t really designed for that - it is a mechanism to say “I want this Layout to run now for X hours/minutes/seconds”.

If we introduced dayparting here, how could we make it clear what is actually going to happen? It would become an actual scheduling form, rather than a quick “schedule now”.

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As it’s just an option, it will not pollute the window,

And so this function would be more useful and streamline the user’s work, he will not need to access the scheduling screen several times to do the same thing.

I believe that adding this option would be very well accepted by the community, it would save a lot of time in repetitive operations.

And anyone who wants to see more details about scheduling can access the screen directly.

So you would have a daypart selector, which had “From Now” as an option, along with the day parts created in the system. If you selected “From Now”, the default, then you’d get the H:i:s options you do now, if you select a day part those would disappear?

I was just thinking about the always option :grimacing:

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I see what you mean now!! Let me change the title.

All we want is a checkbox for “schedule always” which removes the H:i:s selectors.

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That’s good that you understood me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for adding my suggestion.

But, I can not schedule directly from the “Layouts” screen when I go to “Schedule Now” if you select the “Always” option.

The system displays a message saying “insert date is missing”.

When I do the “Programming” screen, I do not have this problem, when selecting “Always”, no date is required.


Thank you for reporting this issue - i’ve created a bug report: