Schedule not showing displays for users

I have 1.8.3 installed with docker setup. I´m setting up user rights now and I cant get displays to show in Schedule? If I make a group and assign the displays there I get the group in Schedule list but not the displays alone.

You’d need to assign view (at least) permissions to individual displays for your user otherwise he will not see them on Displays page / Schedule page.

Can I not add view for users because the user are member of users?

I tried to add view and edit for a specific user but still he/she can not see displays in Schedule. This user can see all displays under the category displays but not in schedule.

If user has access to displays page and schedule page and view/edit permission to the display the I’d expect this user to see the display on Displays page and on Schedule page / add event form.
That seems to be working fine in 1.8.5, could you please confirm that it does not work for you with that version?

It is certainly possible that it was a problem in earlier releases.

If your user is a member of user group called ‘Users’, then yes you can assign permission to displays on whole user group.