Schedule lay-out specific days a week

Hope you fellow Xibo-users can help me out with this.

We want to schedule a specific lay-out a couple days a week for several weeks.


Lay-out 1: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00 till 12:00.

We want to schedule this lay-out for multiple weeks.

Is is possible to do this with one schedule task? Or do we have to make three separate tasks for every day?

It would be very useful if this kind of schedule would be available.

Hope you can help me out on this.

With 1.8.0 you can:

That will repeat every week, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday whatever schedule you’ve put on the first page of the form, and it will repeat forever (unless you set an end date).

Well… that was helpfull :slight_smile: Thanks! We have been planning to test 1.8 for a while now but we haven’t found the time for it. We will test this on short notice. Thanks again