Schedule is no longer working


I lately updated my 1.7.8 to 1.8.1. It looks like everything else is working properly but the schedule. I can change layout things, settings and so on. But when I am going to add a schedule it won’t dispay after adding it. Displays are selected at the top. I was using also my admin account to test it but also no things in the schedule. I don’t get any error msg, not even in the logs.

then I tried to add a dayparting event and that works at the displays but I can’t see the event also in the schedule.

What could help in this case?

Even if you select ‘All’ on the schedule page it still does not display any scheduled events?

It could be just a browser issue perhaps, what browser are you using? Did you try another browser or to clear the cache of your current browser?

You might want to make sure that in CMS Settings -> Regional tab, you have correct date format and that your players have correct date&time settings as well.

Hi Peter,

thanks for your reply. I’ve tried that everything what you’ve told me to that installation but it didn’t helped. Well, now i’ve reinstalled it completly new without any import or anything. And what happened? the same thing. I couldn’t set any schedule. So I re-do what you’ve told me with different browsers and so on. The final solution was in this time really the regional tab thingy.

My way: installed fresh, re-do any settings like it was before (done with screenshots) and created everything again like layouts and so on. And then the same problem. Re-read your answer and searched for the regional date format at google. I’ve found “(Y-m-d H:i by default)” and set it to that and BANG it worked. Thought “okay, then we will keep it in english” but I’ve changed it to the german format “d-m-Y Hi” again to test it and it’s working like it should.

I’ve took a look at my screenshots and found the failure… In my before installation I did D-M-Y H:i. At 1.7 it worked, at 1.8 no longer cause of the upper case letters.

Is that normal? And if yes, is it possible to make it more safe? Like with a dropdown menu?

I’ve got one more problem with my old weather widget but for that I am opening one more ticket.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Greetings, Sascha.

There seems to be an issue with D specifically (both M and D are three letter representation of a month and day respectively), M does not break it, but D does.

While we can’t really protect against every possible ‘wrong’ php date format nor do we want to restrict people from changing the format as they see fit, perhaps we could have a dropdown with some more common formats and then ‘custom’ to write your own format.

In any case, I’m glad that it is working for you now.