Schedule event - Start and end time is changing when moving between boxes (1.7.2)


we have the problem, that the start and end time for an event is changing when the focus moves to another box in this dialog.

E.g.: Start time is 10:30 and end time is 14:00. Focus is on start time (add new event dialog).
You change the focus to end time (or another box) and right after moving to another field, an hour is added to the start time. The same is happening when moving from the end time field to another box.

You could play this “game” forever. Time goes up and up and up.

Xibo 1.7.2
Browser Firefox 38.0.5 or IE10


It seems that in version 1.7.4 this problem is fixed.

Today I installed in a test environment 1.7.2 and made an upgrade to 1.7.4. This upgrade solves the problem.
I checked the release notes for both 1.7.3 and 1.7.4. Maybe I have overlooked something.


Well it should work on 1.7.2 too ( but it is entirely possible that there were some issues with it), we always recommend use of newest releases.
I am glad that an upgrade solved that for you.

Best Wishes,

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