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I need some help with scheduling. I will first start by saying I am new at this and then I will explain my setup.
I have Xibo and 3 displays. 1 being an android and 2 being windows computers. I have created a layout that shows several items between movie and images. Total time is 2:30 long. I have set this up as my default layout for the display group "All"
This is being setup in a Non-For Profit location and we are looking at selling advertisements in hopes of a little extra cash flow. Several local businesses are interested in buying “spots” on our TV’s.
We would like to have our default looping all the time (like it is now) but have 1 ‘advertisements’ shown say every 5 minutes and another advertisement showed 5 minutes later. Example
11:00 - 11:05- Our Slides
11:05-11:06- Acme Company
11:06-11:11- Our slides
11:11-11:12- John Doe Car lot
11:12-11:17- Our slides

The same schedule would go on for 30 days. The next 30 days we may have the same advertisers, new ones or a combination of old and new.

Advertisement Layout has 2 images (29 seconds each for a total of 58 seconds)
The hard part is looking at the schedule.
Do I put start date today and then end date the last day of the month? Do I put todays date and the time as 11:05 and then repeat every XX minutes with the repeat until date the end of the month?

Am I trying to use this for something it is not?
Thank you in advance for any and all help someone can give me.

So schedule your “our slides” layout all the time for the whole month, then add your paid ads with priority ticked. You define the first instance of the event - say from today 08.00 - today 08.05 and then use the repeat tab to repeat it every n minutes until the end of the month. It’s explained in more detail in the manual

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