Schedule event overrules everything

Hello, I have tried to schedule a layout, so that it shows every 10 minutes.
The layout itself should be shown for 15 seconds.
You can see my settings below.
What happened was that this was the only layout that showed. It repeated continuously.
Also, after deleting this layout, it still showed at the player. I had to set the layout to draft, after which it didn’t show anymore.
Can you tell me what happened, and how I have to schedule this?

Regards, Peter

Hi, are you saying you want to show the Layout for 15 seconds every 10 minutes? You cannot set a smaller interval than 1 minute for your content to Display using scheduling/repeats.

You could instead schedule an Interrupt Layout for the time period you wish to show it in and set an appropriate share of voice (2.5%)

In general, creating lots of short events that repeat often is not recommended, instead it would be better to adjust durations of the content on the Layout so that it plays as you intend or even have it all in one Campaign. You could also create a Playlist of content and add that to a Layout using the Sub-Playlist Widget.

Let me try and explain Repeats so that you have a better understanding for next time :slight_smile:

Looking at your screenshots, your Event does not have an End time, so your Repeat is trying to Repeat an indefinite Event. When using Repeats you first need to set the time constraints you require which you can then repeat. Just to demonstrate, lets assume that you have a Layout that you want to show for 1 minute every 10 minutes on Displays:

You can see that I have a Start Time from today at 12:00 and an End Time for today at 12:01 as this is setting the length of time I want my Layout to be shown on Displays (1 minute). So now we can set a Repeat to determine when that should be re-played on Displays:

So the above settings will show our Event (which is 1 minute) every 10 minutes until the end of the month. You can leave that Until blank to Repeat the event indefinitely.

I also see that you have a set a Display Order of 10, so all other Layouts 1-9 would be played before this Layout for each of their durations before it would get to the repeat. If you left display order blank then all Layouts would play in fair rotation in the order that you schedule them. You could use Priority to ensure that your repeating Layout was shown and override all other non-priority Events on the schedule (the highest number would play in preference to lower numbers).
We would highly recommend using Campaigns if the playback order is important as you can order them using a sensible UI and then schedule the entire Campaign as one Event rather than scheduling multiple Layouts as multiple Events.

I hope that makes it clearer?

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Hello Natasha,

thanks for the great explanation and the fast reply I think it can make it work this way.

Regards, Peter

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