Schedule Campaigns with different layout not working in client

Hi All,
I need to Xibo and trying to set up till now I succeeded configuring Xibo in my environment but now I stuck and not able to find a way to address my issue.
I have two layouts with content and which I want to play every 1 hour once in order wise when I schedule Campaigns to one of my windows devices with the 1st layout it got updated in the display but when I scheduled another layout that is not yet displaying in a screen. I scheduled like this
Created the first Campaign with XYZ layout @ 10 AM EST to 11 AM EST and Created Second Campaign with ZYA layout @ 11 AM EST to 12 PM EST
In display(client/TV) I am getting only first Campaign and as per scheduled second campaign not running at the client. Do I need to configure any specific setting or I am missing any steps?
Any help appreciated and I am unable to figure out this form last week

What Xibo version are you using please?

Are both (especially the second one) layouts valid? Are there any errors on player’s status screen?
Status screen should also show schedule information, ie we should be able to see if the players ‘knows’ about both layouts or not.