Schedule a Playlist Xibo 4.0.4 CMS


Got an issue when ive created a playlist and want to schedule it, doesnt work
I can schedule a layout without a problem.

As soon as i try to schedule a playlist i get this error message “contact support”

Thank you for your message and for the screenshot of your error. So far I can’t replicate your issue/error. What are the exact steps you are taking from the point you select schedule?

Can you send me troubleshoot logs of the issue so I can take a look at what is happening when you get that error? If you are happy to do that, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the Report Fault menu.
  • Follow the steps and choose Turn On Debugging when the option appears.
  • Continue with the steps and choose Open in new tab/window when the option appears. Do not close the original window, you will need to return here shortly.
  • On the new window, please replicate the issue so that you see the returned error, or the behaviour you are trying to capture has been seen.
  • Once you have replicated the issue, close the new window and return to the original window with the report fault steps.
  • Continue with the steps and click collect and save when the option appears. This will download a zip file named troubleshoot.
  • Finally continue with the steps and choose Turn Off Debugging to complete the steps.

Inside that troubleshoot zip file will be the logs I need to see. Can you provide a copy to me in a private message?

Many Thanks.

Ive sent u a PM


Thank you for providing the logs. An issue has been discovered and the developers will provide a fix in a future CMS release.
You can track the issue’s progress here.

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