Sceduling multiple layouts

CMS 1.8.13, more than 800 Android Client 1.8.109.
All clients are divided into dynamic groups by geographic location.
All videos are in Default. They rarely change.
It is necessary for each group to create a layout in which the clips should be played TOGETHER with the clips from Default. The videos will be updated frequently.
On a test system, created a new DVD layout, put the video in it, assigned this DVD layout.
The client plays video ONLY from the DVD layout.
How to make videos from DVD layout and from Default layout play sequentially?

Hi, the Default Layout should be used as a fallback to show when nothing is in the schedule or there is a problem that prevents a Layout from playing.

I would recommend that you create and assign a simple Layout as a Default to your Players and then have your two Layouts that you want to show both scheduled as ‘Always Events’ leaving the Display Order and Priority as 0 for both, so that they will be shown in rotation.

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