Running clients from a USB stick

Hello there!

I’m not aware of anyone trying this, at least from what i can tell so i thought i might share…
I have three servers up and running now, production, test and education and close to a hundred clients.
What i lack though, due to a massive reconstruction of our office, is a classroom and machines to educate new users in how we use xibo.

So i had this idea about encapsulating client on a USB stick and run it from that. If that worked i could just borrow any old classroom with computers. I tried it and after some tinkering i got it to work…
In short, i copied all the programfiles onto a stick, created a library folder and a startup batchfile. The .bat is very simple, just two lines.

del %AppData%\XiboClient.xml
xiboclient o

The first line removes any old traces of a client, in case the computer was used for this before and the second starts the client in config mode. Once that starts we just click save and wait for it to register with the server and upon a positive result we just click start and presto, it’s up and running.

On the server i have preapproved these when i created them, so all it does is register a new IP on the client.
I also have a separate user for each stick and some groups we use in the course.
The sticks all have unique names and a default layout running with the name of the client, the adress to the server and user/password.

In order to minimize the footprint left behind, the sticks use themselves as library.
All they leave behind is one xml file in the %appdata%\roaming, and that’s not too bad.

So whenever i have a class, i just pop the sticks in, run the bat, click save and start and i’m done.

I love this system…