Running Client in Second Screen

I’ve attempted to do this by making a display profile with the left co ordinate set to 1920 and assigning it to the device. However this doesn’t work, it still displays on the first monitor. If I make a template with the video starting at 1920 I just get a black screen on the first monitor. Any suggestions or troubleshooting?

Am using Windows 7 and Xibo 1.7.5

You need to do exactly what you’ve done.

Setup a display profile with the appropriate screen size and offset. Then register the Player with the CMS (or if it’s already registered then restart the Player a couple of times) and it will move to the offset you’ve specified.

How do I install this, I do not get it done? The viewer starts always on the wrong screen(the 1st screen), not on the second screen!


Per my original response. you need to configure the Player options for it to start on the second screen by using a Display Settings Profile in the CMS.

Hello Alex,

Yes i have done this, but its still not working. Maybe i have done it wrong in the profile but i don’t kwow where. I have 2 screens connected to my pc. Screen 1 is the main screen on my desk and has a resolution of 1920x1080. Screen 2 is a big screen on the wall with also a resolution of 1920x1080. I want the viewer on screen 2, and work on screen 1. Can you send me a picture mayby how the settings are done?


So for the display profile assigned to your Windows Player, you’d set the top offset to be 0, the left offset to be 1920.

Then start the player, allow it a minute or two to register, stop it and then start it again and it will start in the correct location.

@majuby80 @alex I solved the issue and got it to play in the second window.

You are correct with what you are saying however for some reason to display in the second screen you must manually set the resolution in the display profile to your respective width & height for it to work. If you leave it at 0 (full width or whatever it says) it will only display in the first window. So set that in the profile and then restart your client a couple times for it to take effect.

Hopefully helped your problem boss ! Take care

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I’m glad you got it working. Setting the screen size and offset was the very first thing I suggested though :smile:

Yes!!! Finally its working.