RSS Ticker in xibo 1.8.12

hello i will make a rss ticker from here:[overwriteDemand][categories]=10071

and then i will overwrite “prominent title with descriptionand name separator”!! looks like this
but the description type is also very small.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong??

best regards

Você pode copiar e colar estes codigos na sua caixa de codigo.
Deixei a cor vermelha em (Description) apenas para ilustração, você alterar depois.





here is the solution for that Problem:

The DFB-Ticker is not a good RSS-Ticker, because in the Sourcecode are some HTML-Elements included and these are not well interpretet from Xibo. The whole RSS-Feed is not in XML and so the Marker [Name] - [Title] - [Description] will not work exactly.

After a look in the sourcode of the feed, i found the HTML Tag “p” followed from the class=bodytext.

This class is nowhere (in the rss-feed) declared, so the design of this element is random.

To change the font (size,color or something else) you have to declare that class for “p”

Use that littel CSS-code, down in the optional Stylesheed Section of the Feed in Xibo:

p {
font-size: 48px;

and the fontsize would be ingrease to 48px. Also you can change color or somthing else when you edit these littel CSS-Code.

I hope it helps?

Greetings Torsten

hello together,

the tip from torsten does not works :frowning:

best regards

I’ve been looking at your Feed, this is what I created:

You can see on the Advanced tab, I added cdata,p to the Strip Tags field. This is what I see:

The Name Element does not return a result, although I could not see a Name element in your RSS which could explain that. Does this help with your issue?

Many Thanks.


Segue anexo codigos em PDF, copie e cole na coluna APARENCIA (CODIGO-FONTE)
Funcionou bem aqui.

p style.pdf (89.2 KB)

Hi the tip from onemidia was good. so the ticker right now o.k.

many thanks