RSS feeds without internet

In a test, after the Ticker ran a few times, I disabled the internet connection.
And then he stopped showing the news and pictures.
It does not cache RSS to play without connection as it does with videos?
Would not this be an interesting resource to have?

The same could occur with A Weather Forecast.
She could hold the forecast for at least 1 or 2 hours.
In case of connection loss.

It should cache the results, what CMS version are you using and perhaps your send file in advance setting in CMS settings please?

Videos, images etc ie file based media are slightly different as these are stored on player local library, but resources from ticker should also be in player library (ticker_ files)

So if player runs the media rss feed assuming it did download the content already, if you turn off internet/cms access it should continue to play that from cache - obviously it will not update with new items from the feed.

01 - CMS: 1.8.9

02 - I defined in:
I always use the “ALWAYS” option, meaning I do not run the ads using a start and end date.

03 - Players download all files regularly, no files are charged as missing.

04 - When I posted this question, the refresh interval for Ticker RSS was 120 minutes, now I increased to 720 because the transfer rate was too high on the server.