RSS feed Tiker problem

Hi, I am using Xibo 1.8 and trying to load the rss feed without any success. I have posted the screenshot of the error I receive. Any help would be very appreciated.

It would seem like a connection error ie CMS/player is unable to reach the feed url you’ve provided or its unavailable at the moment.

Could you double check the url for the feed and I also see if it validates here

Thanks for the quick reply, the feed is ok since it had been validated using the same link you have provided.
I didn’t mention earlier but a proxy is in between.

Perhaps that’s why the connection is unavailable then? If CMS can’t reach the feed url over proxy then it won’t be able to download any content from it.

Thanks for your help, the problem was indeed with the proxy configuration. It now works fine.
This thread can now be closed please.

I’m glad to hear that, in this case as per your request I shall close this topic.