RSS Feed (Ticker) Tags not showing


We try to use a RSS 2.0 feed where we get n times (~2…7 times) this tag with different content

<category domain=“keyword”>CONTENTn</category>

that is used for keywords I think, and at the end this tag: <category domain=“desk”>AA</category>
We want to use the content at the “desk” domain category and do not find the way to access “AA” from there.
All that we achieve is the first category with domain=“keyword”
How to implement that?

Here the snipset of the feed. I would like to access “AA” part (highlighted) with my javascript:
<title> RSS TITLE </title>
<p>RSS TEXT …</p>
<enclosure url=“https:/r…c47.jpg” length=“101408” type=“image/jpeg” ></enclosure>
<media:credit role=“owner” scheme=“urn:yvs”>APA (AFP)</media:credit>
<guid> 999999 9999999 </guid>
<pubDate>Wed, 2 Oct 2019 09:37:26 +0000</pubDate>
<category domain=“keyword”>Staatsoberhaupt</category>
<category domain=“keyword”>Justiz</category>
<category domain=“keyword”>Int. Beziehungen</category>
<category domain=“keyword”>USA</category>
<category domain=“keyword”>Ukraine</category> <category domain=“desk”>AA</category>

It looks like that xibo does not parse all the category tags and therefore I can’t access that value. Correct?