Rss feed ticker displays old data

Hi, I have Windows client running Xibo 1.7.9. I have a layout with the Ticker for rss feed.
Xibo is displaying old data on RSS feed ticker. Opening same feed url on IE/Chrome displays the latest data.
I have already tried deleteting the contents from the local library and restarted the computer with no luck.

Previewing the layout does same i.e displays the old data.

This is feed url

Any help on this will be much appreciated, thank you.

Could you check your feed here -
It will show you few problems with it.

Other than that, ticker item has it’s own update interval, which you can adjust by editing it.
If you have some long durations on your layout that will also delay any updates.

You can also edit/save your ticker item which should force CMS to download current version of it, you can also clear your browser cache - it does display the same feed for me in CMS as it does in the browser.

thank you Peter, removing and re-addming the regions seems to do the trick.