RSS Feed restarting from begin

I have 6 layouts in a campaign.

In the bottom of each layout I put a RSS feed.

When the layout change and a new layout is loaded, the RSS feed start to load all feeds from start again.

I´d like to have only one RSS feed to all layouts such as the feeds don´t restart from begin all times I change the layout.

I am a newbie with xibo cms. I have read all documents thtat I find in the google and xibo site, but I dont know how to do it.

Is it possible?

Regards, Luiz

Hi Luiz,

That configuration isn’t possible at the moment i’m afraid - when the layout reloads the entire screen is refreshed. We are looking into having a special “overlay” layout, which can be scheduled independently of the normal schedule so that you can have an area on the screen refreshing independently of the others - this may or may not be in 1.8.

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Thank you for your response, Mr Dan,

Do you advice some workaround solution to use rss feeds in multiple layouts without restart the feed from begin?


Unfortunately I do not - there is no workaround at present.

A layout is specifically designed and treated as a complete “unit” of content - it will start and finish as a group. It will also be validated as a group, etc, etc.

I don’t see this changing as its a core function (and requirement in many peoples installations).

The “overlay” layout is an extension to that which would allow you to leave an empty space on your normal layouts (all 6 of them, and then have a 7th layout which contains content only for the “space” you left in the others)… the overlay then plays across layout changes.


It will solves the problem.


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