RSS feed not showing up in ticker

A few days ago the signage screen e use was working great, but then the powerpoint section and RSS feed (ticker) section we use decided to stop working. I have got the powerpoint working again.

However I can’t figure out how to get the ticker working again, it’s not even showing up the block dedicated to the ticker, so it’s as if it’s not even being downloaded. The RSS feed is still active, it’s just a BBC news health RSS feed.

Anyone else having issues with RSS feeds now showing up?

Any help is much appreciated!

We are running Client version 1.7.8

hmm could you show me how does it look like in designer?
Or even better export your layout and send it to us?

You can also delete that ticker and recreate it, I’m not sure why would it stop working though.

If it still won’t work after you recreate it, you’d need to enable debugging in CMS and look for errors on Logs page.
(or go through Report fault Wizard).

I can’t seem to upload the export because its a zip folder.

I’ll try recreating it and doing the debugging and let you know!