RSS-Feed not showing Image

Hey Xibo People,

i’m trying to create a nice Layout using the Ticker module, with the following rss-feed:

Unfortunately, whatever i do, it is not displaying the picture from the News-Entry. I used the templates, but it’s not giving me any results… how can i find out what tag i should use or WHY it is not working?

I’m using CMS 1.7.4

Thanks for any helpful suggestions!



I tried your feed on 1.7.7 CMS and it appears to work as expected:

Does the text appear? Or nothing at all?

Hi alex.

Text is displayed as expected, but the background image is not showing at all. What settings did you choose?

Could it be due to my older CMS, or is it something else?

Thanks in advance

It may be a bug that was solved already.

I have the ticker setup as follows:

Everything else at defaults.

Okay, i will update the cms and see if it works - i will report back if it doesn’t!

Thanks a lot

Hi SundancePioneer,

Are your images being displayed after the update?
My version is 1.7.8 but my images are not showing.
What did you do to solve it?

Thank you,