RSS Feed Language?

I would like to show rss feeds in different layouts/regions in different languages. I tried using the “hl=” modifier with no success. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Could you give me an example of the feed with different languages please, so we can test it here?

It could be better to have different feeds with clearly specified language though.

I am trying to translate something like this Reuters feed to Spanish in a ticker object:

If the feed is only in English then it will be displayed in that language in Xibo.

I’m aware that there exist various means to ‘auto-translate’ the feed to other language than the one used in feed, but I don’t think it will do a very good job at that - as it will use google translate (google scripts) or other online translator, which might not be the best translation.

So I guess I should look for feeds that are natively generated in another language?


That’s what I’d suggest, I mean you can try those auto-translate solutions, but I don’t think the quality of those translations will be good.