Rss Feed Description tag


When Xibo read my rss feed, the content or description are included in a <p googl=true">

after my


My code is :



And the result in my browser is :


Content of my description ...

Thanks you

I’m a little unclear about the issue you are having from your message. Can you reply with more information about:

  • The version of CMS you are using.
  • The version of the Player you are using.
  • A Private message to the RSS feed URL so I can test this.

Am I correct in thinking that you are using a Ticker widget to show an RSS feed with the tags [Title] and [Description] set to be shown but you are not receiving any data back? Are you receiving any errors?

Many Thanks.

We are on Xibo Hosting, version 1.8.12, we use the windows agent.

Yes sorry, i’m using a ticker widget with rss feed who i display Title and Description.
Title works, but description are not insert at the correct place in html code.
The content of the description is good.