RSS feed "copyright" field issue

I’m trying to use the “Copyright” field on an RSS feed. The description says:

"Copyright information to display as the last item in this feed. This can be styled with the #copyright CSS selector." 

I entered see more at in that field on one RSS feed, but the message doesn’t appear at the end of that feed’s run. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

Duration: 5
Effect: Marquee Left
Number of Items: 5
Number of Items per page: 1
Duration is per item: CHECKED
Copyright: more @
Update Interval: 120

Can you tell me what rss feed are you using please? So we can test it.
It does not seem to be since there is no copyright there.

That’s the feed I was aiming for. I may have misunderstood the purpose of the “Copyright” field in Xibo. I thought it was more of a customized footer for the end of a feed. Is it related to actual copyright info in the feed itself?

You’ve not misunderstood - text entered into that field should appear as the last item of the feed. As far as I can see here - it does… @Peter - can you try it please?

My guess is that as it is un-styled it might be there but not visible.

Right, so there are two possible issues with it.

1 - text in the copyright field is not styled at all, so you will want to use #copyright in css field to style it, for example:

 color: white;
 font-size: 30px;

Just so it’s a bit bigger and in a different colour (depending on your background colour etc, you will want to adjust it to make it look better)

2 - In 1.7 series the copyright text will be displayed only if all items in the feed were displayed - meaning that if you specify the number of items (like you did) to be less that all items in the feed, then the copyright text will not be displayed at the end.
(this issue does not occur in 1.8 beta)

I’ve created a bug for this in 1.7 series:

So to conclude -
CSS styling - you probably will want to use it.
Number of items - for now please don’t use this option to limit items returned from the feed.