RSS feed 1.7.4 on windows client not showing (in preview it does)

Dear Xibo,

We are since long using Xibo and love it. After the last update to 1.7.4 we suddenly lost the ability to see the RSS feeds on our (windows) clients.
We have been following basically all steps and solutions we could find on the web and the forum (new CA-CERTIFICATES, updated cURL you name it. (We have the CMS on a linux, debian server).
When we preview the RSS feeds display nicely. Also in the designer we seen the RSS feed. Its seems Xibo can open and display them. The log file in Xibo shows no errors. Also the Client log is empty. We reinstalled the client, emptied the cache (folder), sadly this didn’t help either.
We also have changed the background of the tickers to white and to black and some other color to no avail.
A test with the works perfectly so my guess is that this is not a SSL/HTTPS issue.

We are stuck and looking for ideas?

Aug 5: UPDATE: Problem solved:

  • Our templates (layout) uses a full size image as background (mostly black).
  • On the bottom we have a small region (about the height of one line) in which we want to scroll our RSS feed(s)
  • The RSS feed was used with the default setting and in the advanced tab we set a background color. First we tried #fffff (white) and later also other colours.

On the preview everything was clearly visible, however on the clients the bottom ‘line’ region remained invisible (black).

  • After trying everything we checked the “override the template?” option in the Appearance tab. Now we made the colour of the text red (just to test)… and voila, we now see our RSS feed.

It seems that the default template settings don’t always work,


I’ve send you a pm about it some time ago, but I am glad that you managed to solve it by yourself.
Yes, the override template checkbox is definitely useful for things like that and more.

At least by doing all of the above you are sure that other settings are also correct in your CMS :wink:

Dear Peter,

My apologies. I replied directly to your mail but this got rejected by the server.
Indeed now I’m sure everything works like it should :smile: I decided to put the answer on the forum maybe someone else has the same problem.

Thanks for your quick reply!