RSS does not appear


I am using version 1.8.9 with docker, I am not able to do that the RSS feed ticker does not appear, I have tried in n ways and it will not, it follows the below the error that is displaying in the logs.

ID Executar Data Canal Função Nível Players Página Menssagem
83 d4a7de2 2019-05-29 17:59 WEB GET ERROR /playlist/widget/resource/2/7 Unable to get feed: Unable to detec

I’m using the rss of uol below

how to solve this problem?

Thank you for your message. Have you tried running your RSS feed URL through a Feed validator? I have entered your RSS URL into a validator which stated that your feed is not valid. It appears that there may be some elements to your RSS that have not been entered. I would recommend taking another look at the way the Feed has been configured and making sure that all necessary elements have been added.

As a further tip, I also noted that your title and link elements in your feed have CDATA tags. Once the feed is valid, I would recommend adding to your Ticker Widget, under the Advanced tab, cdata into the Strip tags field cdata, as this can sometimes affect the feed being returned correctly.

Many Thanks.