Rotating two images seamlessly

Hey guys,

I’m trying to rotate two images seamlessly without the flash of black in between. If I put multiple images into one region they transition between each other cleanly but there is a flash of black when the layout loops back to the top. Is there a way to overcome this issue?

FWIW I’m using the Android player.

There always will be short flash when layout reloads (after region with the longest duration ends).

Depending on hardware / layout content it might be a bit shorter or longer, but it will be there.

You could put a second small or offscreen region with a longer duration. That will hold the layout while the two images rotate over and over without the flash, but at some point the layout will have to finish (when your second region expires) playing and you’ll get the black flash at that point.

Alex, that’s really smart. I’m okay with it flashing every 10-15 minutes, but not every 14 seconds. I’ll try that.


A trick I picked up elsewhere that may minimize or hide the black flash: set your first image as the background for the region. You should see that during the reload rather than black. Not sure it will work with android.

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